Feedback beiber part 6


Here's the error message: SyntaxError: expected expression, got '>'
here's my code:
var feedback = (>8);
var feedback = prompt("Please rate my game out of 1 through 10");
if (feedback = (>8) {
console.log("Thank you! We should race at the next concert!");
else {
console.log("I'll keep practicing coding and racing.");

Can anyone help? thanks!


var feedback = (>8); // You cannot initialize the same variable twice.

Get rid of that line of code.

if (feedback = (>8) {

Change this a little bit so it looks like the following:

if (feedback >= 8) { //Example

I see where you're going with that logic, but the correct way to do it is the example I used.


Thank you again lolman!