Feedback Appreciated: Biodiversity in National Parks Portfolio Project

Hi, coders on Codecademy,

I’m writing this post to share with you my experience with the Portfolio project: Biodiversity in National Parks. Overall, I think this project is a great way for me to apply the knowledge I learned in the Business Intelligence Data Analyst Path. The project took me around 6 hours, including the time to review others works, creating the slide deck and

I was able to apply my Data Cleaning, Handling Missing Data, and Data Visualization Analysis skills creatively in this project by working with the datasets and answering my own questions with these data. As the project allows learners to create their own questions, the difficulty of the project also depends on each learner’s project scoping. As I reviewed other learners’ works in this project, many were able to create very difficult questions and carry out interesting analyses of the datasets. My project is more straightforward and employs basic data visualization skills to analyze the data in an easy-to-understand format for viewers, presented with a slide deck.

Hence, I would appreciate any feedback on my work on this project. Specifically, I would like feedback on how I could carry out better analyses and visualizations of the project with my code on Jupyter Notebook. Also, I would love to connect with other learners who are also taking the Business Intelligence Data Analysts Path. I will leave the link to my work below:

Thank you so much guys, and Happy Coding!
Bi Hugo.