Feedback and Help

Hi All,

I would appreciate some feedback on my project. I have it uploaded on GitHub here: U.S.-Medical-Insurance-Costs/us-medical-insurance-costs.ipynb at d3ff7f932b140f1989509c0282c94fe8e07a40a6 · mendoza891/U.S.-Medical-Insurance-Costs · GitHub

Review of the project: It seemed to be just about right. It was fun to be able to use things that we have learned and make a cool project and use our own creative approaches.
Estimate on how long it took me to complete: 5 hours (broken into several days)?

Thank you!


I like the structure of your project.
My only insight is you use a lot of lines, it’s great for practicing, but it would be more efficient to keep it shorter.
For example, yo create the data base column by column and fill it up, while the library pandas allows to obtain a data frame from a file in one line.
Again, for the practice your code is grea, but as you learn more and more try to keep it simple!

Vas genial!

Saludos! Gracias! Yes! I need to start using other libraries to make things simpler!