Feddit: A Reddit Client For Food (Feedback requested)

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Hi everyone, this project was… a lot. It definitely felt like I was thrown into the deep end when I’ve just learned how to swim. I ended up cutting out using Redux because I wanted to get more comfortable using React first. However, it was a lot of fun playing around with React components, interacting with the API, and designing the look and feel of the web app. I feel like I learned a lot.
My Reddit client’s all about food :stuffed_flatbread: :shallow_pan_of_food: :birthday:, you can check out the live code here and my source code for it here. Any feedback would be appreciated1

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I really love your site! Fun idea doing it based on the food subreddit, I like the whole design and the toggle between savouries & desserts. The comments section with user pictures looks great and I like how the background goes darker when you click an image.
Feedback - I found the loading times on the comments to be quite long, particularly posts with lots of comments. Is there anything you can do to make it load faster? Also one small thing is the tab’s icon in the browser is still showing the default React icon.


Yeah I’m aware of that issue. I think it might stem from me trying to fetch all the profile pictures from Reddit. It is something I’m thinking about addressing in the future, maybe by fetching and displaying a few comments at a time. The icon still showing the default React icon is just me being lazy :sweat_smile:. Thanks for your feedback!