February Updates from Codecademy

New Releases from the Codecademy Team

Happy New Year! Here are a few upcoming releases the Codecademy Team is happy to announce:

Browsing the syllabus from the LE

If you’ve ever been working through a course and wondered how much content there is—or how much you’ve already completed—this update brings the syllabus right into the learning environment for quick reference.

Accessibility tools menu

Codecademy is committed to improving site accessibility for all learners. Here’s a view of upcoming additions to the accessibility menu:

Career Path Cohorts

As part of the Full-Stack Engineer Career Path, enrollees will be invited throughout the course to find your cohort—think of this as a warm introduction to a handful of other learners who are learning what you are learning, at the same time you are learning it. Check back in February for updates!



I started the Full Stack Engineer Career Path last week, I just arrived to the Pair-programming section and the link that is supposed to lead me to my cohort tread turns out to be broken or it denies me access to the tread. Can anybody give me a hint on what should I do?



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