February Accountability Group

have you tried applying the content and building some personal projects? In my experience, knowledge sticks better when you put it to work.

wow and did you remember much of it?

are you sure? People tend to confuse working in front-end with being a designer. It’s not. Out in the field you would get design documents informing you on how things should look and function, and you would use your tools to turn it into reality. So if what you don’t like is the creative part (choosing colors, styles, etc), that won’t be a problem :smiley:

Let’s go!

how do you like reading documentation? do you find it useful? confusing?

I will follow your advice, thank :blush:

I don’t mind reading documentation. I find it useful and confusing at times. Usually because I am going to the documentation because I am not understanding the specific concept. The reason for that might be trying to go through it to quickly to try to solve my issue. Then after I have a better grasp of the concept I usually find it useful. It just may take me several times of going over it to understand what I am looking at and how I need to apply it to my issue or project.

Besides a slew of life-gets-in-the-way type stuff I’m coming to feel that my greatest block is the whole ‘coding is social’ thing. My problem is that coding may be social but I’m not. I programmed for a living for ten plus years and it was a hugely asocial experience. Perhaps it’s me or maybe things really were different then. Anyhow I’m trying to ease myself back into this by just being here and engaging… a little.
Happy coding

Not as distracted, today. Still taking it light with the course. I completed the next kanban task and it went more smoothly. React is starting to look more familiar after yesterday’s struggle.

Bit of a rough trot today, harder to focus after a 12 hour day. Still at it and still motivated

Not much, but I am re-learning it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Today I found the solution to my small problem in Find You Hat Challenge :partying_face:

Okay, so it turns out I’m bad at remembering to post in the forums every day but I have been working on this every day. On the weekends I practice on the app from my phone and weekdays I try to progress through the path on my computer. Monday I worked on the common attacks on web applications sections and I’ve mostly finished it. I’m stuck on the ACME bank project not working. I’m getting a module not found error and haven’t yet put in the time to debug it. I also started the fundamentals of operating systems section on Monday.

On Tuesday I practiced on the app since it was a travel day (from the west coast back home to the east coast).

Today I’ve already finished the fundamentals of operating system and am moving on to the DevOps fundamentals section which I hope to finish today.

My main blocker is the module not found error on the ACME bank project. I plan to go back and tackle debugging it after I finish the DevOps section before moving on to the portfolio project.

I’m feeling really motivated, I’m 80% of the way through the path and I can’t wait to finish and start applying for jobs!

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Happy coding :v:

It’s going to be so exciting when you start building bigger and bigger projects. Can’t wait to see it :smiley:

We celebrate small and big wins. They are all wins.

It can be tough to have leftover energy to put towards yourself. Glad you found a bit left in the tank

I got big news for you: Codecademy is rolling out an update to our product and now you should be able to get to your lessons on your phone! It won’t work with all lessons types for now, but you should try it out for those travel days :rocket:

Hi everyone :wave:

I wanted to drop a little intermission message to thank everyone that has shared their updates this month so far. We are already halfway through February (time really flies!) and it’s fantastic to see so many of you making inroads in your lessons and projects day after day. Truly inspiring!

Weekly Live Connects

A reminder that every Thursday at 1pm EST (that’s New York City time) we host a live call for those of you like to talk to others in these study journey! You can use your mic, you can use the chat. Or just stop by to get the vibes!
Link to this week’s call: See February Study Group (live connect) at Codecademy Full-Stack

Let’s keep sharing!

  • What are you learning/covering today
  • Any blockers/problems you run into
  • Your general state of mind (fired up, motivated, neutral, tired, don’t want to study at all)

Feeling really good and confident in my learning today!

  • Officially hit the 25% mark of the Full Stack course (yay!)
  • JavaScript is getting easier and easier to understand (having had some experience in Swift has helped). The hardest part of JS I’ve found so far was functions, but have been practicing off platform and getting the hang of it.
  • Day off of work (unplanned) so using the extra free time to cram some additional hours of Codecademy in and work on a little side project!
  • Today I finished working on the “Redux News Reader” project and now will be starting the Challenge Project “Flashcards” to finish the Redux section.
  • No blockers today.
  • Motivation pretty high for today.
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Today, I hit the really big challenge of beginning to use the Spotify API (before I was just mocking data).

I was really intimidated because tokens and API access are a challenge area for me. However, I just read very slowly, like I do on codecademy, and got through it with understanding a lot tho not all. I am leaving the task for actually registering my app until after I have deployed to Netlify because I don’t think the callback will work until I do that. Am I right on that?

My ongoing goal is to continue to read diligently outside of the codecademy platform and today’s project helped me hit that goal. Thank you, Fede, Sam, Freddie, and Rebecca, for the support and ideas today toward my goal.

Today I am triumphant :sparkler:.


thank you for sharing!

Today, I had to redo some of yesterday’s work. Not all of it, however it was more than a refactor. It turns out I had the completely wrong idea of how OAUTH with a callback would work. I knew I had had insurmountable problems with OAUTH in the past and that has held me back working with APIs even though I have a good handle on the rest of the REST API concepts.

I progressed to the next step, also, and it worked out easily once I had corrected yesterday’s errors.

Spotify Jammming is a great exercise in requiring us to “read the manual”. All the needed info and github examples are being provided by Spotify.com API how-to manual.

If you’re stuck on this exercise, consider it a win that you persevere in reading the manual even if your code is still not working: in my own career, I’ve been held back a lot by reading disability. Don’t let this happen to you! If you’re like me, I encourage you to struggle through it and use tools like read-aloud and focus on just a couple paragraphs at a time.

Today I am persevering :sweat_smile:.

Currently I am learning CSS, I completed the HTML practice and I’m happy that I am finally able to move on to the next thing

I would say I don’t have much of a problem, if I don’t stay consistent it’s usually hard for me to remember what I study but since I have been back to back, its been a lot easier for me

I am in a neutral mood, I got some studying in at work and I get off in a minute lol so hoping to continue at home. if not then will get back to it tomorrow

Going back over the CSS lessons using the new facility to do lessons on my mobile. I !love! this. It’s challenging even on a phone with a large screen but credit to Codecademy for widening the scope of availability. One significant omission I see is no back button. I’ve been through these lessons before so it dumps me at the end of lesson review each time. I stumbled on the menu by accident so can now go to any page in the lessons.
2. As usual the only block is me.
3. Motivation is good. Feeling fired up by being back in the game. Bedtime here in the UK but I know this sill getke off to good start tomorrow.

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missed check in for the last two days, they have been a struggle. Have come down with Covid and trying to learn is not going well with the brain fog. Instead I have been slowly pecking away at a small side project. Hoping to try get back into some Javascript learning later this afternoon.

Still very motivated to keep learning, really enjoying the challenge of learning Javascript. It is slowly getting easier by the day

I’ve completed the last step of functionality with the Spotify app, however with a mock CLIENT_ID because I still haven’t registered my app with Spotify.

I hit a huge hurdle because, without looking at the hints, I was reading the API docs and saw that I suddenly needed the user’s Spotify id to complete the API call. I almost cried! I did not want to rearchitect to start to capture the user’s id after all this with the OAUTH callback function… it turns out there’s an endpoint for getting user id – no need to rearchitect.

Still to go are trying to get Grid to lay things out and then testing and deploying.

Still in perseverence mode :sweat:

Since my last update, I finished the Boss Machine project and am working my way through User Authentication/Authorization. Currently learning about OAuth 2.0 in Express. Sitting at 57% now.

No real blockers, but wow there is so much to learn. I’m doing my best to remember everything but it’s tough.

Motivation is high! I’m looking forward to getting to the sections on SQL and databases.