February Accountability Group

  • Hello, Today I worked through Redux DevTools, and took the Quiz on Redux Middleware and Thunks. Now onto The Redux News Reader project.
  • No Blocks today just slowly moving forward.
  • Motivation for me was good today.
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  • Today I worked on the module practice for “Async Actions with Middleware and Thunks”, then started on the “Redux News Reader Project”. Hopefully I can finish that this weekend.
  • No real blocks today, just sometimes feel like I need to get from end to end faster on the lessons and projects. But I am making progress each day and I feel good about that.
  • Motivation is high!

I completed the first coding task of the Spotify project and used a grid layout to challenge myself because I have only focused on flex layouts lately. I was unable to remember how to use grid and had to look everything up.

Grid is having some confusing side effects where
(1) I did end up wrapping the component in a div and make the div the grid item… not sure if that is the “right” way to do it, but when I didn’t wrap in a div I could not make the grid layout take effect. Did I actually need to put the extra div here? Should grid have taken effect without it?

<div id="search-bar-container"> <SearchBar /> </div>

(2) When I center the grid item, all the sub-elements of the component are centered – not just the div wrapper.

I am able to progress yet still confused about grid. Happy for feedback about the div wrapper. Here is the github link to App.js and App.css.

My mood is ‘confused’ :thinking:

I have been feeling a bit off track for some weeks now and i have done a whole lot of soul searching. I believe Data engineering is the path i want to take and no going back from here. Wish me luck guys.

I am confused by the Spotify Playlist project, so I am repeating the UseState and UseEffect lessons. It’s beginning to help.

Current mood: confused :thinking:

Missed my check in yesterday, sometimes life gets in the way!

Over the last couple of days I have still managed to get a few hours each day in for learning to code!

Mental roadblock on Javascript, seems more complex than I’m sure it really is. Just need to keep focusing and noting down to retain information

Motivation Is still very high. Very eager to succeed in my learnings and use my knowledge for a career change!

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congrats to everyone learning on a Saturday. Way to go!

Sometimes when you don’t have the energy to go through lessons it helps to cover adjacent topics like reading an article about documentation, best practices, or upcoming changes to some framework you are learning

Been slowly working through the Boss Machine project and almost done. I feel like I’m getting the hang of routes in express which feels good. Route parameters are still a little confusing to me though.

No real blockers today other than not having as much time as I’d like!

More progress on the Spotify Playlist application.

I’ve become really confused by the architecture and data flow that is intended by the Kanban steps.

Today I am energized :zap: yet stopping for a programming break to keep me from burning out. I already spent more than an hour struggling through one step. I want to make sure I understand the data flow I just implemented before progressing.

Back at it after the 9-5 grind. Back onto Javascript Syntax Part 2.

Slowly getting the hang of JavaScript. On the side I am building a dummy construction company website (slowly) using HTML & CSS, to then eventually incorporate JS into it.

Feeling motivated, exhausted but motivated. It can be hard to find the motivation after the daily grind, but another day closer to getting a career in tech.

Starting JavaScript Under the Hood.
Even if it is more theoretical, this chapter is important in the way to turning coding more readable and easier to understand.
I’m feeling driven and expect to finish this by today.

You are all looking pretty strong!

Bonus question: do you feel you are moving faster or slower now than we you started? Do you think you understimated how much there was to learn? Or maybe expected to have more free time than you do now?

I feel like I am moving slower personally, running into challenges with learning JS, but I do have plenty of free time to be able to tackle the challenges and can always come back to them later with a fresh mind

Today, I am distracted; I did not want to login and do any work. I used the motivation from the group to convince myself to meet my goal of logging in and progressing every day this month. Days like this, I benefit from the small steady goals offered by codecademy or I probably wouldn’t have logged in at all.

I was very confused by the current Spotify Playlist kanban step and relied on a drawing I made of the data flow to help me get the state and callback function correct. I made it through the next step.

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  • Today I was able to log on and do some quick practice on Middleware and Thunks. I also did some things off platform that kept me from having time today to do more. I was working on fixing a site for a client and did some reading in Eloquent JavaScript.

  • The blocks today we just not having time to really get into it. Tomorrow will get some good progress with the extended Study session for Tuesday.

  • Motivation is still high.

I took a couple of assessments on the machine learning path to see if I was ready for the job. The results are not good. I don’t have the necessary focus to complete these tasks. Too much studying doesn’t pay off:).

I came back yesterday on the Full Stack Path, with the “Find your Hat” Exercise!

I take the occasion to train a bit on Node, one year without using it is something :sweat_smile:

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Hey Guys, i started the FullStack Course and im currently at 10%.
I deliberately took the fullstack course because I’m not sure yet whether I like frontend or backend more.
I’m now almost done with the HTML and CSS basics and will hopefully finally start with Javascript today. I’m already very excited about JS. Since I realised in the last lessons that designing with CSS (Boxmodel etc.) is not my thing, my hope now lies in JS and then in the backend :smiley: Let’s see how it turns out.

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Just finished “JavaScript Under the Hood” and it wasn’t easy, especially the memory management part. I never thought that chrome dev tools could give us so much information, which is I found very important for debugging.
This is part of the course " Learn Intermediate JavaScript", which is not entirely part of Full-stack Engineer path but I found it necessary for my learning path.
At this moment I’m at 34% at Full-stack Engineer path.


  • Today I continued working on the “Redux News Reader” project. I was able to get through a few steps during the study group.
  • As far as blockers at the end I ran into a small block I needed to go back over the documentation for the hook useEffect. the step that I am on requires use of this hook. I am finding I did not understand that as well as I thought. :smile: So a some more review study of that I should get past that step.
  • Motivation pretty high still for today.