February Accountability Group

Hope everyone is doing great during week 2 of our accountability group!

5 mins or 5 hours a day, it all counts :smiley:

I did some Python quizzes and a little math and that’s about it.

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I’m traveling today so I didn’t do a bunch of work but I managed to get some practice in through the app. Feeling moderately motivated and no blockers. I’ll probably do some more practice on the app later today but I’m letting myself take it easy

I finished the React Restaurant Order Forms proejct and took the quiz. I am understanding the basics yet getting the definitions for “controlled” and “uncontrolled” theoretically backwards.

For a break from the complication of React and the intimidation of the looming Spotify API project, I worked ahead a little more on the Databases section which is a review topic for me; the practice serves to strengthen my current skill and make me quicker at it.

Tic Tac Toe project is almost done:
:white_check_mark: This is a time-boxed :stopwatch: “quick” project (< 40 hours); historically I struggle with completing projects and not going out of scope. I have stayed within scope and resisted the urge to implement AI computer player :robot: , in the interest of front-end-focused project completion, at this time…
:white_check_mark: The big push beyond my comfort zone was to implement good semantic HTML5 and CSS3 responsiveness. This is a big improvement on my other, larger off-platform project and I will need to take the skills I just learned and practiced over to that project, now.
:white_check_mark: I implemented game play governance with Javascript algorithms which is my favorite part. Usually, I would write something like this in Java so it was really interesting to learn language-semantic differences like no method overloading in Javascript!
:construction: I have almost completed refactoring to reduce my reliance on ‘God Object’ Anti-Pattern – a typical flaw in my own code which I recognized during the disccusion of Design Patterns in intermediate Javascript course.
:next_track_button: Next, I will implement unit tests for the Javascript components. I “hit a wall” :brick: when tasked with setting up a new library component so that is what has kept me from Test-Driven Development TDD throughout this project.

Beginning today.
My plan: min 2h study Monday to Saturday. More is a bonus, work is time-and-energy consuming. Aiming to complete the Full-stack track in 3 months.

*What are you learning/covering today
Started ‘Introduction to JavaScript’ module. Did the first part (10/10). Will continue tomorrow.

Any blockers/problems you run into
*Easy topic so far. I need to learn documentation better, I realized I suck at this still.

*Your general state of mind (fired up, motivated, neutral, tired, don’t want to study at all)
Tired from a flu, but nothing extreme.

For tomorrow:
Continue the track
Read through the other posts here, all of them.
Post tomorrow’s update here again.

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  • Today I only got through “Actions Generated by createAsyncThunk()”
  • My only block today is not enough time to do more. :slight_smile:
  • Motivation is high today and can’t wait to get some more done tomorrow.


How are you doing with React? A lot of users struggle getting through it.

Welcome to the group! I hope you find motivation and energy to continue learning and achieving your goals

let’s go! :rocket:

Today, I did a lot and faced a lot of difficulty: (1) I took an outstanding exam I had forgotten about and it was difficult. (2) I progressed on some practice SQL challenges. (3) I completed the first Kanban task for the Spotify project.

I am mentally blocked by the intimidation of the complex off-platform Spotify API project, so I got started by promising myself to just do the first step, whatever it was. Challenge completed :white_check_mark:

Because of my anxiety, I side-tracked and read through a detailed explanation of React frameworks and how/why to use them instead of just React. I understood the merits and was convinced to use a React framework. I chose to use Next.js over others because I had seen it the most of the others in job postings.

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React is making good sense yet is difficult to keep certain concepts straight in my mind. I have a good handle on the tree-like nature of the components. However, the hooks discussion took me a while: I spent a whole day just ruminating on the concept of useEffect and wrote some long-winded posts about it. It turned out that my understanding of scope in Javascript was lacking and that was slowing me down with my understanding of React hooks. The guidance from the codecademy tutorial is a powerful boost compared to just trying to read the docs on my own!

Yesterday I worked on the deploying web applications portion of the full-stack development portion of the course. I’m noticing that sections heavier on articles are harder for me but I was able to push through. Today I’m starting the fundamentals of web security.

No notable blockers.

Feeling pretty motivated, I’m at 72% of the way through this thing and the end actually feels in sight.

Joining this thread a little late, but hoping it will help keep me on track. I worked through the Express Middleware lessons yesterday and things started to get a little confusing for me. I’m busy at my job right now, but still hoping to at least get started on the Boss Project today. Maybe practicing will help solidify the concepts.

As for blockers, I’ve noticed I freeze when I get to the projects and it takes me awhile to get started on them. I usually find that once I get started it’s not as bad as I expected, but it feels pretty overwhelming at first.

Motivation is pretty high overall, I’m at 55% in the Full-Stack path and have enjoyed learning about the Back-End so far.


Today, I progressed in the Spotify playlist project so far as to get github initially setup. I struggled with this task for an hour because I tried to use the new Beta “fine-grained” Personal Access Tokens and I could not understand which permissions to give the fine-grained token. I did find good tutorial support for the classic tokens and eventually used that instead.

I then progressed to generating the first components and hit a blocker because, when I finally figured out how to generate a Typescript React component for a Next app, I realized the process was taking me way out of scope of the course and I decided to stop the Next path.

I read the react.dev tutorial on how to install react and react-dom using npm. After a break, I will work on re-starting the project the simple way and will keep the Next app around to hack on but without the need to complete that version for progression in the course.

In conclusion, Next looks very useful but way beyond the scope of this first off-platform project – Next is doing a lot more than what was shown, so far, in the course.

Despite struggling, I am well-focused.

  • Today I was able to complete the Redux Middleware and Thunks lesson. Now moving on to Redux DevTools.
  • No Blocks today.
  • Feeling motivated to keep this pace going.

7 Feb

* Continued in JS Intro. Got only 1 hour of focus.
* Motivation is fine so far, I just take too long to begin focusing. Need to re-engineer and optimize my day to fit more effective study time. Will try to wake up 1 hour sooner tomorrow and see how it goes.
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Hey Everyone!

  • I have been working through the Full Stack Course, currently on Javascript Syntax.
  • no road blocks today, am thoroughly enjoying the course.
  • Very Motivated. I enjoy coding, given how new to it and inexperienced I am. The motivation is not stopping anytime soon!

I did some explanatory analysis but the day isn’t yet finished in Israel, so I guess I can do more :grin:

Hello colleagues,
After finished requests lessons I’m starting “Film Finder” project, which seems to be quite challenging, and hope to finish today.
Happy coding to you all :pick: :pick: :pick:

I was really blocked by initializing the React project on my computer. However, I focused on just completing one Kanban step at a time and have been able to progress through initializing the project and initializing the github repository. It took way longer than it should and, by eliminating Next from my project scope, I made sure to not let Next sidetrack me into other topics that make the project way more difficult than intended.

After all the work on github with personal access tokens, I gained the skills to deploy to github pages, so I deployed my tictactoe board. It turned out really cool and relies on just basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript without a framework. I came into the course with the skills to write the win-checking algorithms, however I lacked the Javascript knowledge to implement that for a website. Prior to the course, I would not have known at all how to begin making an interactive board – all I did was set click events on div’s.

Some tips I have based on my experience: (1) github pages takes a couple minutes from the initial push until the deployment is complete, so make sure to wait 5 minutes before assuming you made a mistake. (2) Although this project could benefit from React, I won’t be re-writing it because I have often had recruiters and applications ask for code samples that intentionally don’t use frameworks; their reasoning is that this is a better way to highlight underlying code ability. I will still be doing React code samples because sometimes other recruiters have wanted to see implementations of certain languages and frameworks that are listed on my resume. (3) If you want to implement something like this, what I did is I modularly first built the board and the game interactivity and then, once that was completed, I added Javascript functions that check whether the game is over and whether anyone has won or tied.

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Welcome to the group! Hope you reach your goals :smiley:

You are still doing it! wooo :rocket:

You will gain more and more experience every day


Have you tried replit?

I haven’t used it. I did, however, listen to a whole podcast about replit’s evolution as a company from just an online editor to it’s new AI features. I am glad you point it out because it turns out it is one of those new AI coding tools that I wanted to get some practice inl I had forgotten about it because the news hasn’t advertised it, lately.

I want to advance my use of AI tools to prove my relevance as an older programmer in the modern job market, however, I have already read about Github Copilot and I don’t like that Copilot will take my code into its database to teach others from unless it was a project that I was already releasing open source. (1) I will examine the privacy policy of Copilot and see if it has the same practice (2) I think I will use that replit editor to practice some of the new code skills that I want more feedback from – like CSS responsiveness.