February Accountability Group


Do you…

  • want to study more at Codecademy but lose focus easily?
  • feel like you get distracted all the time?
  • wished you could have a group to keep you accountable?
  • want to connect with others also developing their coding skills?

This event (and thread) is for you! We are kicking things off this Thursday Feb 1st with a live event, and then we will have weekly live check-ins and daily

The plan

  • Try sharing an update with the group every day (it’s ok if you skip here and there, but try to stay consistent)
  • Share a few lines, or paragraphs. Up to you!
  • Share ideas, thoughts and anything else related to your learning

Please share 3 things every day:

  • What are you learning/covering today
  • Any blockers/problems you run into
  • Your general state of mind (fired up, motivated, neutral, tired, don’t want to study at all)
  • Today I was working on finishing the Expense Tracker project in the Redux Toolkit section.

  • Usually the blocks I run into is just not fully understanding the step I am working on in the project and needing to take more time to re-read something or look at another example of the code to get my mind around it.

  • I am usually very motivated. I am at 45% on the Full Stack course and can see the end of the Front End section in sight. So excited to finish that and take the exams.


Today I (1) completed a project on React and refactoring components to isolate container from presentation layer (2) completed the lesson on styling in React.

I struggled with internalizing the steps of the first project where the menu handler is passed a setter function through a few layers of misdirection – I had to read three times before I understood what it was saying there.

I also struggled for much longer with the optional final project in styling and turned to the forums. Thanks to a few posts from months ago, I discovered my own error was the same as someone elses: we’d been using default exports for a while and so I had forgotten to use { } to import when it is a named export!

My general state of mind today is “improving”: flu issues this week makes it too difficult to think and type!


Hi everyone
I’m using this as an opportunity to go back to the beginning as a refresher and this time definitely not leave any gaps, particularly the projects I skipped last time.

Today I got through the first couple of lessons. Hoping to get some sort of daily rhythm or pattern of studying going.

No blocks yet but I expect the projects will slow me down.

Really fired up to keep up the momentum



Hi all,

I forgot to post yesterday so here’s a post for yesterday and today. Right now I’m working on the E-Commerce rest API project. I’ve mostly finished but when I was documenting it I realized that I needed to add more functionality to make it a fully functional product. I hope to finish it up today

My biggest blocker/problem right now is periodic feelings of being overwhelmed and unmotivated but I’m doing my best to push through. I don’t have any technical blockers right now.

I’m feeling kind of neutral today as far as motivation goes. I’m currently 70% of the way through the full-stack course and feeling pretty good about that.



  • Today I was finishing the “Write your Own Middleware” and working though “Introduction to Thunks” sections, mostly reading
  • No Blockers today
  • Pretty Fired up might find some more time tonight to work on some more sections! :wink:

So far today I made it through a project on styling using three different methods in React and then I took the quiz. I struggled to remember when to use className attribute and when to use style attribute. However, slowing down helped me remember the difference.

I am also starting a new off-platform front-end portfolio project to apply to a coding retreat. I was overwhelmed, as usual, to start something new. However, I went through some basic project startup steps slowly over the span of a few days and now I am already coding the flex structure of the very basics of the very Tic Tac Toe game I am building. I want to make this project a positive for me whether I am accepted or not! Of course it can be re-used for job applications, later.

So far this week,

  1. I wireframed (just a drawing, I'm not fancy with Figma yet),
  2. then I stared at that for two days to just consider the direction I was going with the project
  3. and what truly busted up my anxiety is I realized to draw a second blank boxframe(?) which was just the flex layout I wanted and decided that the flex layout could be my "first step"
  4. and I started a git workflow and have been using it diligently (I am usually real lazy about git on personal projects however I've always received 'dings' for that on portfolio reviews before)
  5. Finally, I got to some actual project coding and remembered how to use flex-grow correctly which I had completely forgot about in my other, long-term off-platform budgeting app; to "remember" I looked it up on MDN Docs and W3 Schools. The combination of those is my trick to more easily understanding the MDN Docs while still getting the "full correctness" of MDN Docs.

I haven’t yet pushed anything to github for anyone to see.


Thank you everyone for stopping by today and sharing how you are making progress! Great to see.

That’s awesome!

love when that happens

You got this!

Hi all, i am working on building a benchmarking model for machine learning. I need to make sense of the steps necessary to achieve this. I am tired at the moment.


I’m currently working on the deep learning and neural networks part of the machine learning career path, trying to implement a perceptron logic gate. It’s a bit tedious :crazy_face:at first but perseverance :smile: is key to mastering such a study.

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Today I studied React forms and was a bit confused by the discussion of state and controlled/uncontrolled components. By the end of the lesson, the steps to complete the forms did make sense.
Today, my motivation is low so I spent extra effort to focus and took more time to think and made sure to engage with the lesson practice extra because I was understanding the applied solution and not the theory.


and you are proving it working on it during the weekend!

that’s fantastic, way to get it done :rocket:


Technically it’s tomorrow as it’s after midnight but to me it’s today because I’m just going to bed. I work on a 24hr+ clock sometimes.
Motivation is great.
What gets in the way is me.
Managed to clock up another ‘day’ of study by moving from one article to another. Going back over the what is HTML/CSS/JS…
… more tomorrow perhaps

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  • Today is was able to get in quick and work through “Intro to Thunks” and “Promise Lifecycle Actions”.
  • No blocks today just reading through and working on a couple of examples
  • motivation was high today just get a couple of quick sections complete.
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I reset and re-completed the exercises for React styles and React forms. Both were quick to implement yet difficult to memorize syntactically.

I got started on the Saucy Tango Food Order Forms project.

In my TicTacToe portfolio project, I struggled with a blocker when I tried to refactor my javascript to be modular. (1) not remembering to import the script as type="module" and (2) importing the wrong script as type="module" (it is the script you import into that needs to be included as <script type="module" and not the module that you export from… :weary:). Now, that blocker is resolved thanks to a couple days trying and searching StackOverflow. This was more good experience with named instead of default exports, which I messed up on in the course project a few days ago.

My mood has gone from :weary: to :tada: because issues like modularity are not my wheelhouse and resolving this and the basic structural layout of the page paves the way for my true strength: writing the algorithms that govern the TicTacToe gameplay.

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Here is my really good wireframe… I’m not a product designer and so I haven’t taken the time to get used to Figma. I just sketch and then implement. I’ve heard good things about Figma and do recommend it, even to myself in the future, because it can even export CSS beginnings from your good-looking wireframes. For speed, however, nothing beats a quick hand-drawn sketch; especially in a solitary project.

In conclusion, never be intimidated by the concept of ‘wireframing’: anyone can do it and no special software is really required.


Today I finished the Intro to JavaScript module and I stopped at the Kelvin project to practice concepts more.

The only problem I’m running into is familiarity with the 7 data types and it’ll get better over time.

I am pretty motivated to keep going though and master Js.

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Looks like you are all crushing it through the weekend, fantastic!

Feeling motivated in this starting of the week. Let’s finish “Requests” from JavaScript intermediate course.

  • Today I covered “createAsyncThunk” and “Passing arguments to Thunks”. In the Redux Middleware and Thunks section.
  • No Blockers today. Again mainly reading and working on simple examples of the concepts.
  • Feeling motivated to get finished with this section and get to a project.