Feature requests: See other's code & get to the forums easier

I am sorry if this is in the wrong location, or if they have been posted previously, I am still new to this discussion area, and have really only used the Q & A area for helping to find solutions to problems I am working on. To say I have had trouble navigating the discuss forums would be an understatement. I am experienced forum lurker and am used to a categorical overview with threads and sub-threads…

I would like to request two features…

  1. Working in Python, I have noticed there may be a few ways to solve a problem. Sometimes what you are working on carries over from one section to another. If it has been done well enough to pass one section of a problem, it may be what causes the problem later on in another section. I find myself now checking after submitting each exercise the “Q and A” Forums to see how others did it. The feature request would include something to the effect that, once a correct code has been submitted, pressing a button and being allowed to either “view how others did it”, or “view the most efficient method” to solving this section of a problem.

  2. Possibly having a quick access button on codeacademy.com to get to the discussion forums. If there is one, I cannot find it, and while I can save it once i’m here, it can be tricky for newer members to navigate this way.

When you are in a lesson there is at the bottom

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This feature would only work if the code contains a explanation. If you want feedback on your code, you can post it on the forum and ask or feedback

What is most efficient? It is different for everyone. Some people will find a certain solution easier to understand. Plus, if you coding skills improve, you can learn so much from optimizing your own code. Looking at a best solution will teach you little, what would be better to make suggestions on how to improve your code, but everyone has different code, so there isn’t one feature you can build.

I can understand many beginning programmers thinks these feature are good, i can understand, but i am glad i didn’t have such a features, i wouldn’t have the coding level i have now