Feature request: Wish list


So I was browsing the course catalogue and there are a couple of courses I’d like to take further down the line, but that aren’t priority for me right now, or maybe they have prerequisites (I nearly said ‘dependencies’ - starting to think like a coder :slight_smile:) that I’m still working on.

It would be really nice to have some way to bookmark these courses for later. Call it a ‘wish list’, ‘later list’, ‘bookmark’ or what you will. You know like in the days before streaming where you could queue up the DVDs that LoveFilm or Netflix would send you, or just add them to a wish list without actually giving them a place in the queue.


This is a very cool idea! I see it almost like you’re choosing your own adventure by plotting points on a map out ahead of you. Or…maybe that’s a bad analogy. In any case, I like it and I will get this in front of some product team members!