Feature Request - Editor, Browser and Content as separate tabs/windows

Would love to be able to scroll the content or code on my portrait orientated monitor whilst the browser is displayed on another.

I sounds like a decent idea! If you were looking for a workaround, You could always create three tabs, and then expand a different window in each tab…

Good suggestion, however it wouldn’t be very practical having to click run/next/check work in 3 tabs.

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True; I wonder if they’d sync?

I checked this, with the same project open in two separate tabs and I can confirm that they do NOT sync, unless I refresh the page that I am not entering code on. I suppose this doesn’t matter if I am only using the second tab to view the course content. However the editor and bash terminal or console cannot be removed entirely, meaning they still take up space when shrunk.

I have codeacademy saved as an installed application on my laptop, which means it is much easier to access and ommits the URL bar. It would be a great next step for codeacademy to create an application that can split the editor, content and console across multiple monitors, or even as separate windows/tabs on an ultrawide and have them remain in sync.

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I was about writing it, portait oriented code would be awesome, it would be not only convinient, but it would feel more like programmer.And even if somebody doesn’t have portrait display some people like it better having separate windows.
Like in GIMP in example, that shouldn’t be difficult, code/instructions could be pop-up

If it helps you feel like a programmer, then I suppose that’s a plus. The benefit for me and many others however would be to take advantage of more screen real estate available on a separate monitor rather than being restricted to the primary monitor. At home I have an ultrawide, so it’s not too much of a problem, but for those with two separate monitors (Like myself in my current situation) it would make code more readable and aid in navigation and legibility when it comes to reading the code or the course content. I really feel this would be a great next step for the design of the website. To make the content, editor and browser sections more “modular” and “accessible”.