[Feature Request][Data Scientist Career Path] Add lessons and exercises on Idiomatic Pandas and Idiomatic scikit-learn

After going through the career path, I had to look for other places on the internet to find out how a Pandas code that has been refactored to be idiomatic and readable looks like. Same with scikit-learn.

Currently, we have lessons on how to use Pandas. And we are taught how to do things in Pandas. Which we learn and are then able to apply. Right after this, however, would then be a great place to add a lesson called: Refactoring Pandas Code.

  • The idea is that there will be a lesson where the student will be taught how to make Pandas code look better and be idiomatic.
  • The student has to differentiate between ideal and non-ideal ways to do things in Pandas.
  • Then the final Project/Challenge will be to look at an entire script that uses Pandas, and then to refactor the whole thing to look idiomatic.

Next, make a lesson similar to everything I said above called Refactoring scikit-learn code.
Especially as we start tackling the more complex projects in the path, things start to escalate in complexity quickly and this knowledge would really help a lot of people.