[Feature Request] Add link to start of lesson

It would be nice if Codecademy could add a link to the start of a lesson on the last slide of one. Sometimes after finishing a lesson I want to review the whole thing again from the start, or more often I revisit old lessons and it takes me to the last slide. To go to the start I have to go to Path Menu > First slide of lesson.
Sometimes, in the Path Menu, I even have to scroll down through the menu to find the lesson and then the first slide.

That’s a big ask given that the menu exists. What purpose would it serve and how many of the users would click on a link that will take a lot of logic to put in place? The menu is there. Given that, the engineers are busying themselves with new assignments.

Wouldn’t a lot of people want to go through a lesson more than once? All of those people may benefit from the feature. Especially because whenever you open a lesson that you already finished, it always takes you to the last slide.

I have revisited lessons so many times in Codecademy.

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It’s still only two or three clicks to resume any lesson. The whole unit is in the menu. Far more valuable than a link that a fraction of users will ever click. We have something that works. I’ll take that any day.

I found myself in a similar situation a couple of times. If there was such a button, I would use it…

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I actually quite like the sound of the idea, though I’d propose a slight adjustment (albeit one which would require a bit of work on CC’s side, so less easy to implement).

Rather than simply linking back to the start of the lesson, in my ideal environment you’d go back to the start with no code from the previous pass and no hints/copypasta. You did it once with Codecademy holding your hand, now do it over on your own.

An excellent test of how well you’ve retained the information, and the point where I’ve seen many people trip up.

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If I remember correctly, if you click the button ‘reset progress’ on the first slide, the progress on all subsequent slides will be reset which is fine for me if I want to do redo the lesson (which I sometimes do). More often though I remember that a specific task was taught on a lesson and then I’m trying to find it using the lesson as a reference. Then I wouldn’t want to reset my progress. That’s how I understood @careershifter is doing it as well.

Then I go to the menu and search for the lesson, but as long as the lesson isn’t clicked, the submenu with the slides doesn’t show up. So you have to click on the lesson and will end up on the last slide. You would then have to reopen the menu, scroll all the way down and pick the slide. I would still use the submenu if I look for a very specific task, but a short cut with a simple button that gets you to the first slide would be a nice option.

Here’s an alternative proposal to the one in the first post:
In the Skill Path Syllabus Page, somewhere near or beside each Lesson, place two buttons. One says “Go to the beginning” and the other says “Resume where you left”. Here’s a mockup: