In nano, at the top of the window, type

“Hello, I am nano.”
Using the menu at the bottom of the terminal for reference, type Ctrl + O (the letter, not the number) to save the file. This is the letter “O”, not the number zero.

Press Enter, when prompted about the filename to write.

Then type Ctrl + X to exit nano.

Finally, type clear to clear the terminal window. The command prompt should now be at the top of the window.

Learn command line - 1/11 what is wrong with this nano thing when i type the Ctrl + O nothing happens
Please help im stuck for like 2 days

The instructions don’t tell us in what way you’re stuck though :confused:
You’d have to explain what you did and in what way it behaves differently from what you expect

Likely explanations are that you either hit the wrong keys, or something did happen, or you weren’t even in Nano

Make sure you’re really running nano.
When you send ^O to nano it’ll prompt for a file name and doing so changes the bottom of the screen quite a lot which you should notice.

If you really are running nano and you’re hitting ctrl o and it really doesn’t prompt for a name, then perhaps your browser isn’t letting that key sequence through

​nothing happen when i type ctrl + O, ctrl + x, clear
help what should i do

ow god please help im stuck 1/11 Enviro - Learning Command Line
when i type ctrl + o, ctrl + x and clear nothing happens as in nothing …
by the way im using mac …

Try using ⌘?

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how am i supposed to used it? it says type not press???

ctrl is a button on your keyboard, hold it and press O, don’t type the letters c-t-r-l

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but your tuts says type ctrl + o geeezzz -_-

Hi, i’ve already figure it out, by the way thank you so much and I’m sorry
for being rude, I’m having a hard time today… and also can you please fix
the instructions that says TYPE CTRL + O because its kinda confusing for
newbies like me, I think it should be PRESS not TYPE. IF your uncertain
about my complain you can take a look at the picture i send to you. Merry
X-mas. :slight_smile: thank you!

I can’t fix it any more than you, that’s up to codecademy

Typing is _press_ing keys…