Favourite/Worst Music While Coding

I know this may initially come off as a repeat topic, but I definitely think there is a distinction between my favourite bands/music (another forum post in off-topic) vs. my favourite music while coding.

So my question is, what is your favourite music/genre WHILE coding, and why? What music do you find ineffective, why?

I’m all about low-fi synthwave, a few decent playlists online for it (whatever medium you use to play music). The genre has a calming sci-fi feel to it, and perfect for late night coding sessions to me (although I’ll listen to it at all times of the day as long as im coding). Type of music that allows you to zone in on your work, and interesting enough to keep you tuned in too.

As for ineffective/worst music, really anything with lyrics or too fast/intense, I find it way too engaging and takes me out of focus.

How about you?


Hey Hey!

Today I saw a Video on YouTube called the science behind loft music. It was quite interesting, since LoFi has been blowing up lately, I had to check it out.

And yeah, I also listen to LoFi while Coding/Learning/Reading. Mostly the slow&chill ones, without too many melodies.
I agree with you, anything with lyrics or with a bunch of melodies/speed is quite annoying and it distracts me.


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Interesting video, definitely does seem to be blowing up these days

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Feel free to check out some of the music other forum members listen to while coding here.

Who knows, you might find something new to add to your coding soundtrack :slightly_smiling_face:


What I posted in the other thread about favourite music, is also the same music I listen while coding. I’ll link it, in case you’re interested as I think, if I understood correctly, we may share a similar taste:

About old posts about this specific topic there’s also this one (way old):

The guy listening to Zelda soundtrack is great haha Ocarina of Time for life :crossed_swords:

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I recognize The Postal Service, used to listen to them years ago quite frequently. Thanks for reminding me of them ill be going down a nostalgic memory lane with that one; might leave it off the coding playlist though, i’ll be daydreaming.

The others you suggested sound pretty good as well from what I’ve checked out, solid recommendations!

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Can you share some of yours favorites?

So i generally just surf spotify for lowfi synthwave playlists, but certain artists seem to be reoccurring. These include the artists Home (Spotify), Voyage (Spotify), and A.L.I.S.ON. (Spotify) as some of the main ones.

Today I listened to Home, I liked it! Next days I’ll listen to the others, cheers :call_me_hand:

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Or we could try,