Favorite text editors?


This topic comes up every so often in online programming communities. It can elicit passionate discussions and even small scale wars (VIM versus EMACS anyone?). No coder worth his or her salt should be without a favorite(s).

My current personal favs are Notepad++ and VIM. If Notepad++ were supported in Linux and Mac environments then I wouldn't need VIM.

I love the customizeability of VIM but after wrestling with it for a couple of months I gave up trying to use it exclusively and went back to Notepad++ in Windows.

What are yours?


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We have another thread about this around here somewhere, with a poll!


Thanks, glad to be here! What was the results? Who won?


No one has won yet :), in fact I'm surprised at the lack of voting. We are just learning how things work here, including polls. So we might try this one again once we collect a longer list of options.


You can use sublime-text, this is support in windows, mac and linux and is also highly customizable, it is paid, but you can have a unlimited free trail


VIM is wonderful. There is something very zen about writing code in a full screen terminal window with minimal clutter. It also works so fast and easy when working over ssh. Also makes you look like a super hacker,


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@albionsrefuge Thanks for reminding me about my poll :) I think I'll create the poll again tomorrow.


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There definitely are a ton available. I have personally used sublime and atom. Those I highly recommend.