Favorite recipes app problems

Hello all,

When I do these problems through codecademy I find it helps to go along with it on my own computer in VSC. Usually I can get the code working no problem but I am habing issues with the favorite recipes app, I have just finished the react-toolkit section and really this app should be working right now but I am having problems with loading the data initially.

I am all out of ideas because the console gives me very little feedback.

Here is a link to the github: GitHub - mghmay/recipe-app

I keep getting this error:

Uncaught Error: The slice reducer for key “allRecipes” returned undefined during initialization. If the state passed to the reducer is undefined, you must explicitly return the initial state. The initial state may not be undefined. If you don’t want to set a value for this reducer, you can use null instead of undefined.
Redux 6
Webpack 7

If anyone could give me any help, I would really appreciate it!