Favorite Music Genres (Poll)

What's your favorite musical genre

[poll type=multiple min=1 max=11] * Rock * Alternative * Pop * Classical * Indie * R&B * Soul * Jazz * Country * Electronic * Other (pls put it in the comments) [/poll]

I’m curious over the personalities of us (the people that use the forums).


I didn’t choose other, because Rock is kind of a general term for it, but I really like punk/emo/metal too. My dad introduced me to Lagwagon and Blink182 so that’s something I really like.
I also love any classical music though because I play the piano and listen to it during the day.
Anyways, rad poll.


I chose other.
I prefer silence.


Like: Rock, Alternative, Indie, Electronic, Other (Folk, Folk_Rock, Eclectic)

Dislike: Almost everything that they play in waiting rooms and while on hold on the phone


Below are links to some music.

It would be interesting to see links from other users.

[Deer Tick: Smith Hill]
The Decemberists: January Hymn
Leonard Cohen: The Window
Musée Mécanique: Nothing Glorious
Q-Burns Abstract Message: Jennifer
Simon and Garfunkel: April Come She Will
The Hold Steady: Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
Patti Smith: Changing of the Guards
Mark Knopfler: Are We In Trouble Now
Lightning Dust: Antonia Jane
Anna von Hausswolff: Mountains Crave
Morrissey: Everyday Is Like Sunday
Cornershop: Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again
Townes Van Zandt: None But the Rain
Andrew Bird: The Giant Of Illinois
Tom Waits: I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with You
Jethro Tull: Another Christmas Song
Blues Project: Steve’s Song
Left Banke: Pretty Ballerina
Enya: The Memory Of Trees


My favorites are probably

Aurora: Under Stars
Troye Sivan: Suburbia
Oh Wonder: All We Do
Cub Sport: Come on Mess Me Up
Oh Wonder: Technicolour Beat
Adele: Skyfall
Birdy: Skinny Love
Birdy: Deep End
Birdy/Rhodes: Let It All Go
Rhodes: Wishes


I love Country music! It’s my favourite genre of music. After that it would be Rock, Alternative, Classical, and Pop. I like Rap, but only real Rap, none of this cheap Rap with no meaning. If there is one genre I hate, it’s Jazz.

I do like silence sometimes though.


Christian music!!!