Favorite Language


So, out of the 6 Programming Languages, what's everybody's :heart:?
(HTML & CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby).


html & css are needed to build webpages, there is simply no other choice.

jquery is more if a library then a language, but it does simplify javascript

I prefer python, so much you can do with it, so quickly, without much code (okay, it is not as fast as some other languages)


My favorites are either JS or Python. They're both useful and can handle a lot. If I had to pick one, it'd be JS.


There are so many languages, and they really are all similar to some degree. I started out with Python and spent a lot of time solely on that, and my favorite is actually between JS, Ruby, and Python because they are all OOP that have very subtle differences, but I have to say that although Ruby is my newest one, I really, really like the idea that it's supposed to really be about the user rather than the computer. Ironically, I'm the worst at Ruby comparatively speaking.
BTW, @e.hagan, I actually really love your Wheatley profile picture, Portal, (specifically Portal 2), is actually the best thing ever and I started learning 'Want You Gone', on the piano last night. I'm totally waiting on Portal 3. :slight_smile:



Python ftw! :slight_smile:


JS :heart_decoration:


:heart_decoration: PYTHON!! :heart_decoration: Even though i don't know any other langauge and i'm still starting.. I absolutely love python, is is so simple and clean!