Favorite ice cream flavor, anyone?

Haha Not yet! But if you ever do, I expect some gelato therapy ASAP. :joy:

Glad to be here!

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Yeah. I sometimes have the chocolate chips but not all the time.

Gotchaaa, I have to say… the last minute decisions are always fun :+1:

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Yh. What do you usually have with your ice creams as a topping? Just asking.

Sure! Hmm… if I have vanilla or sorbet, I usually don’t top them with anything, but I do like chocolate chip or nut variety toppings (they add an extra crunch!) >U<

Cool. I’d mostly chocolate chips. Maybe a bit of chocolate sauce on top if I feel like having it.

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Yeah! That’s absolutely delicious :pleading_face: Also LOL we turned your-favorite-ice-cream into your-fave-ice-cream-topping :grin:

Coffee is my favorite, however for fried ice cream red bean flavor all the way :yum:

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@juviasmiles Hey, welcome to the forums! I admit coffee is just amazing …also wait did you just say fried ice cream?? :open_mouth: :drooling_face:

Thank you!
Ah yes, fried ice cream is delicious, I highly recommend it. I’ve only come across it in Japanese or Mexican restaurants, each one makes it a bit different, but its so good, like fried cake balls with ice cream in the center.