Favorite ice cream flavor, anyone?

It’s that hot, sweaty, sticky time of the year… so how about something sweet? :icecream: :dango: :ice_cream:

Orrr, if you don’t like ice cream (or really just wanna chat hehe), what’s your favorite season?
:herb: :palm_tree: :wind_face: :cloud_with_snow:

I’m not the biggest fan of ice cream, but vanilla ice cream isn’t half bad :relieved:
I prefer frozen yogurt though, it’s just SO delicious and refreshing :drooling_face:

My favorite season…that just has to be fall (and not only cause my birthday is in fall haha). It’s just such a cozy season :3
But how about you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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VANILLA FOR THE WINNN :triumph: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Autumn is great (happy early, early bday!!), I love it when the leaves are all sorts of colors ^U^


If it’s a place with allll the flavours, coconut!
If it’s just the usual, then chocolate :smiley:

Ooh good choices! I love coconut, and in other foods too (tho with a slightly strong preference for coconut macarons…)

My favorite is lemon, and the only ice cream flavor I like :sweat_smile:.
My favorite season is fall. I absolutely hate the heat, and my birthday is in fall as well.

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Pistachio lemon peppermint. Wow!

@mintyminla Happy early bday!!
@mtf pistachio & peppermint are an interesting combination… and certainly a new one to try now!

All this to say, I LOVE LEMON TOO (though to be honest I think I’ve only had lemon sorbet — but it’s good!) :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

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omg how could I forget about coconut ice cream? It is literally the best thing to ever exist :drooling_face:

hehe thank you!

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My go-to ice cream is Mint. I sometimes have either vanilla or chocolate if I ran out of Mint ice cream.

Also, if I had to pick a different ice cream other than lemon I do pick vanilla. :smiley:

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Classic back-ups! I’ll have to be honest that I don’t have mint often, but it’s literally such a chill flavor :herb:

With the chocolate chips or no? :chocolate_bar:

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Sorry for the boring response but vanilla is the one for me. I’m not unique in ice cream flavours :frowning:

Only vegan ice cream for me. Salted caramel cashew is probably my favorite. OR, mint chocolate chip.

My favorite thing to do is freeze a banana (cut up in pieces), add frozen banana chunks, coconut, nuts, dark chocolate chips to a food processor and make “bananascream”. It’s delicious. Bananas is just the base, you can add whatever–frozen fruit, etc.


Vanilla ice cream is the best, however I also like Mint Chocolate Chip!

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OKAY SO first things first, I definitely don’t think vanilla is boring… in fact, it’s my to-go ice cream flavor! I like to try a variety of different flavors when I can, but at the end of the day, vanilla is the one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Alsooo welcome to the community @byte0409385108 !

Both of those sound delicious :yum:

I love the addition of healthy fruit toppings! With those bananas, I think you can definitely make an appetizing sundae as well >U<

Seriously, no argument there! Looks like vanilla & mint (with or without) the chocolate chips are the most popular here…

@everyone Still feel free to drop your faves and keep the thread going! We love varieties ^U^

Mint Fudge Cookie by Talenti! Easiest way to apologize to me lol

uh oh hope i didn’t make you mad…

also welcome to the forums! @yannabee94