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You’re free to discuss favorite bands and music indeed.

One of mine is Nightwish, a symphonic metal band from Finland.
My username, Ghost Love Score, is one of their songs.

(10 minutes long, but it’s worth it)

My taste ranges from blues, jazz, rock, metal, pop, soul, folk, punk, some classic, some country, some rap (some) as well as combinations of the aforementioned genres.

I generally have an issue with rap music, which simply doesn’t appeal to me, although I do very much like Mike Skinner / The Streets. In particular, “Everything is Borrowed”, “Never Went to Church”, “I Love You More”, “On the Edge of a Cliff”, “Dry Your Eyes”, that sort of stuff.


My favorite band is BTS. I just LOVE them :pleading_face:

My favorite solo artists are Amanda Cook, Wande and Lecrae.

I’d say my favorite genres are hip hop, pop and rap. But above genre, I’d say what really makes a song great are the lyrics. If on top of that you have great music, you get a :sparkles: masterpiece :sparkles:


That’s a tough one. BUT…my favorite band is fugazi (who are on “indefinite hiatus”).

DC punk, west coast punk rock. Indie bands…the minutemen, black flag, the make up, bikini kill, sleater-kinney, superchunk.
For an intro to NYC punk/American punk rock read: “Please Kill Me” by Legs McNeil and “Get in the Van” by Henry Rollins. Oh, and for 90’s Indie Music: “Our Band Could Be Your Life” by Michael Azerrad.

And then there’s Brit bands–The Police, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Queen, Bowie etc.

I also love Jazz…b/c it’s a true American creation and art form. Thelonius Monk, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Park, John Coltrane, Horace Silver, Ella Fitzgerald, and so many more artists.

Last best live concert that I saw in 2019: King Crimson. If you ever get a chance to see Robert Fripp, do so. I was in awe, plus, he’s pretty funny. Steve Hackett was also excellent (he played tunes from Genesis’ Selling England by the Pound).

My dream is to see fugazi again. Preferably in DC at the 9:30 Club. AND to see a Genesis reunion with Peter Gabriel.

Shows that I’m thankful I saw: David Bowie and The Who (before John Entwistle died), and jazz pianist Harold Mabern.


I don’t have good access to music due to an unbelievable amount of parental controls on every device in the house, but I know Fugazi is great. And its a ton of fun to say.

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Wow, you have a super mature taste of music for someone with a nyan cat pfp(no offense)

I totally agree with the lyrical paragraph. My ex gf knew lacrae personally which I’ve always found kinda interesting. But then again she also said that she had seen every video on tiktok so like…

Ive never heard of those but ill for sure check them out.

My favorite band is definitely twenty one pilots. Im absolutely nuts about them. I also love Vampire Weekend, Declan MaKenna, I Don’t Know How but They Found Me, The Beatles, Led Zep, and many others. I mainly go for indie pop/rock but I love all music. Twenty one pilots can’t really be put to a label though. One of their albums just says “music” on genre which kinda cracked me up

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AC/DC for sure. I love all their songs.

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Imagine Dragons is mine, as well Mariah Carey, and some Beyonce.


I had suspected as much. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting to see who steps up to fill Marko’s shoes, since he’s stepping back after honouring his prior commitments. Also, whilst I enjoyed their material throughout both Tarja and Anette’s tenure (and think they’re both excellent vocalists) I genuinely think that Floor is their best vocalist - what’s your opinion? :slight_smile:

To answer the original question… here are some of the artists that, according to Spotify, I’m listening to a lot right now:

  • Blu DeTiger
  • Vulfpeck
  • Type O Negative
  • Sabaton
  • Nightwish
  • Iron Maiden
  • Voyager
  • Van Halen
  • Avantasia

Generally, though, I listen to all sorts of stuff. Mainly it’s rock/metal, but if it’s got a killer bass line I’m all over it. Like this:

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Rock and metal are definitely some of my favs. I do also like a lot of the late 1900s stuff, like Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.

My favorite genre is Elevator Music (tongue in cheek). People come over and ask why I’m listening to that elevator music, which is to say it’s not something they are in the least familiar with, and it is somewhat subdued.

When you’ve lived through multiple generations of music evolution it becomes impossible to put one’s finger on any one piece, or even genre. Just about any genre will fly with me, if it is subdued.

When we’re young we want music to have energy. If it has impactful lyrics that is a bonus since it augments the energy that much more. But even at that age, we still want to relax now and then and reach for music that is more neutral and laid back, even uplifting just to lighten the mood. Whatever one’s age, music in all its forms needs to be acquired. If we never listen to it, we never acquire it.

Even if you’ve never had a taste for jazz, spend the ten bucks and buy, The Colours of Chloë. I’ll bet that one album will get played every year for the rest of your life. I’ve done that since it was first issued forty-seven years ago.

Hip hop fans should not be without the gold standard from which a lot of the early releases were derived, Kind of Blue (~1957).

Remember the band, ‘HELP’? Probably not, since they were shelved after the death of Jimi Hendrix fifty-plus years ago. He was the H in the name. Who are the other three?

People my age will remember Clive Davis of Columbia Records, and as well be intimately connected to the Laurel Canyon artist collective. There are documentaries of both on Netflix.


Not only is she their best vocalist, she’s got to be up there with the best in the world, imho. She has unbelievable range, and can cover many different genres.

As regards Marko, big shoes to fill… he’ll be greatly missed. He’s not only a brilliant bass player, but an incredible singer as well. Who will then sing his lines, or songs like While Your Lips Are Still Red, The Islander, etc. :frowning: Troy, perhaps?


I would listen to this when compiling is successful, it sends me that vibe xD

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