Faulty program


I might be jumping the gun but the rock paper scissors program when created as specified will be prone to faults as random numbers will produce numbers that fall in between the ranges given in the if else statement. e.g between 0 and 0.33; between 0.34 and 0.66; between 0.67 and 1. If random number is say 0.335 it will not fall in any of these ranges.


Really glad that you used the template but if you're question only contains tex you don't need to write this as code (using backticks) this is more or less for code snippets.

About your question: Well that depends a bit on how you implement it.
If you make these ranges you'll have gaps that aren't covered at all. If you use an else for the last case these gaps will be covered by an else which makes "scissors" more favorable for the computer which makes "rock" a tiny little bit more favorable for the human player.

But what would your intuitive idea be when asked to divide one (range) into 3 pieces of equal size?


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