Hi, I am writing this posting to report a possible error because the error codes it is throwing me are not making sense. here are the errors for

GameScene.js:244 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input

here is the bit of code it’s throwing the error on:

placeFood(food, fullnessValue) {
    if(gameState.currentMeal.entries.length < 3 && gameState.customerIsReady) {;

      let Xposition = gameState.tray.x;
      switch (gameState.currentMeal.children.entries.length) {
        case 0:
          Xposition -= 90;
        case 2:
          Xposition += 90;
    gameState.currentMeal.create(Xposition, gameState.tray.y, food).setScale(0.5);
    gameState.currentMeal.fullnessValue += fullnessValue;  
    for(let i = 0; i < gameState.currentMeal.fullnessValue; i++) {
      if (gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessCapacity) {
        if (gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessCapacity === gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessValue) {
          gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessMeterBlocks[i].setStrokeStyle(2, 0x2EB94E);
        } else if (gameState.currentMeal.fullnessValue > gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessCapacity) {
          gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessMeterBlocks[i].setStrokeStyle(2, 0xB92E2E);
        } else {

Now it’s entirely possible this may be a user error, but I don’t know how to begin to go and fix it. So any advice that can be offered either for a possible glitch or my own errors would be very much appreciated.