Fastfoodie-step 28-32

Hey, so I am having trouble with this project again.
any help would be appreciated. Here is my code:

 placeFood(food, fullnesValue) {
    if(gameState.currentMeal.entries.length < 3 && gameState.customerIsReady) {;

      let Xposition = podium.x;
      switch (gameState.currentMeal.children.entries.length) {
        case 0:
          Xposition -= 90;
        case 2:
          Xposition += 90;
    gameState.currentMeal.create(Xposition, gameState.tray.y, food).setScale(0.5);
    gameState.currentMeal.fullnessValue += fullnessValue;  
    for(let i = 0; i < gameState.currentMeal.fullnessValue; i++) {
      if (gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessCapacity) {
       if (gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessCapacity === gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessValue) {
          gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessMeterBlocks[i].setStrokeStyle(2, 0x2EB94E);
        } else if (gameState.currentMeal.fullnessValue > gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessCapacity) {
          gameState.currentCustomer.fullnessMeterBlocks[i].setStrokeStyle(2, 0xB92E2E);
        } else {

now here is the error it is throwing me:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input      GameScene.js:244 

I know what the error is, I know where it is. What eludes me is how to why it’s there period and how to fix it; because as far as I know all my brackets connect and are closed. So any advice or help would be useful.

Going by only the code shown you may have one extra closing curly bracket at the second line from the bottom.

if it was wrong it wouldn’t connect. that’s what I am trying to explain. The last five brackets I have, close a line of code. So it doesn’t explain this error.