Fast Track Tutorials?

Hey everyone,
I do like Codecademy, a lot. so please don’t take this anymore than as a suggestion or observation.
I find when trying to learn a subject, be it Maths, Science or Coding, I like to learn the information as quickly as I can.
When following the tutorials on CC, I find that you have to search for the information. 'I.E Read the sentences carefully or you won’t know what to do. Which I understand is how you learn a subject fur-alley.

Here’s the suggestion though, Is there any chance you could just list what to do in way such as bullet points? Without the extra info. I used this system with my Physics tests and got A+'s. I like to learn the info quickly and move on, by having it laid out clearly, and accessed easily, I am able to learn and retain the information easily without having to skim through, what I feel is, unnecessary text.

Obviously I wouldn’t say replace the current tutorial/guides with this, but make a new section or option for a fast track version (or whatever you may want to call them!)


Hi @one_ii,

I had the same mentality you have when i was starting out. But I came to realize, programming is not like learning math, science, or english. Programming demands a level of patience and study that other normal subjects do not. So while this is a really good suggestion, just be sure to take your time with each and every unit and lesson, and you will make a great programmer one day! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply Bandit,

So far I’d say that is similar to learning Maths and English, and every other subject I have studied. It’s a method that can be applied to every subject. It would just be more easily applied if the information was laid out in a simple, easy to read list, like bullet points. That would be a lot quicker for people like me to pick up.


Programming is incredibly broad. You would have to start by deciding what it is you want to learn, same as how math and physics courses will have well defined goals

Finding a tutorial that’s tailored for what you know right now, with the knowledge you want to know … makes for so many combinations that the closest you’re likely to get is by getting good at searching and sifting through information.

If you want to learn Python I recommend their reference. It is well written and for what it’s saying it’s easy to understand. It is also very short for how much it says. It may or may not be targeting your current level of understanding, again, very difficult to match.

When it comes to teaching reasoning about code, that’s even worse than the language itself. You would need a personal tutor. Recorded university lectures for topics you’re ready to digest may be close enough - they pretty much assume you know nothing from previous education, they just go fast.

When it comes to technologies, some have very good documentation, learn those, ignore the rest.


Hi Ion,

I’m not too sure what you’re replying too.
I’m not having too much trouble learning to code with Codecademy.
I’m just suggesting a fairly simple additional bit off help, that would not replace the current format.
For example: Just some simplified text or bullet points. A lot of people prefer to have simplified text to pick out info and learn the subject quickly.

Very little, if any info is lost by doing it this way. This layout can be very helpful to me and many others.


Doesn’t look like many people are interested in the idea :sob:

@one_ii I think that Codecademy Articles are somewhat like what you want, for example the Python Glossary. I like the idea, although I think it’s far more beneficial for learning if you can take a course like the ones currently offered. I think these bullet lists would work best the way they currently are, in Articles where you can refer to them any time you need them to review concepts quickly.


Thank you very much. I had no idea these exisited!

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I agree that programming is too broad of a term, knowing syntax just isn’t the same as learning an API or writing applications.

I recommend you take a look at these keyboard shortcuts, they’ll help you go faster :slight_smile:

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