Fast lane learning for non-begginer coder trying to learn new language

After you learn the first language, you learn along the way several concepts: conditionals, arithmetic operation in code, the concept of functions etc.

Now, it is clear to everyone that these concepts may vary a little between languages - but the core concept remains the same and the syntax is what mainly changed.

The problem:
So considering the above, one may learn Python or JS for example, and decides to learn C/C++/Go/Java (or the other way around, first C and then Python, same applies) - either way, there’s no point in forcing the student to go through the entire learning process that teaches all of these concepts from scratch.
All I want is the comfy and fun learning experience CodeCademy can provide when I’m learning a new language… I need the option to explain Codecademy that I’m coming from similar languages with the exact same basic concepts - there’s no way to blaze the learning path even if you know all the answers because it is just too big.

The feature offer:
Any learning path/skill should have an option for “Fast Lane” (or whatever name) - if the user selects it, the path is filtered with all of the core concepts that are just repeating them selfs across all similar languages. Means: there’s no point in explaining what is a string or a function or a bool - just show how it’s done with all of the caveats for the specific language and give the user drills.

I’ll answer any question if there’s any :slight_smile:

This already exists for some languages such as Java and C++: and

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It’s hard enough with so many learners coming in green and starting a learning path without any wherewithal of the basics. We’ve seen this time and again. The DS and CS paths already skip over lot of the intro concepts while convincing the user they are “beginner friendly” which may be cool as a confidence boost at the beginning, but it withers out pretty fast after that.

If a fast or advanced learner is not bent on a certificate, but only the learning platform, then take the modules that interest you and skip the rest. There are many members in the same boat.

What we do on CC has little bearing. It’s what we take over to Github that becomes a part of our CV. That it may have been learned, in part thanks to CC’s platform is a credit to them, but you were the learner who took it to the next level. CC is just the springboard.

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