Fast Foodie, where are the customers dood?

Private Prinny is getting pretty peeved!

While doing the fighting the final ultimate superboss of the Create a Videogame with Phaser.JS course I’ve come unstuck in only the first phase of the battle!

My customers won’t show up and I have no idea why not! What makes it worse is there’s no video or solution to view so that I can compare my code with a working version (although sometimes the working versions or instructions result in errors themselves).

The code that I have added is:

/* WAVES */

  // Generate wave

  generateWave() {

    // Add the total number of customers per wave here:

    gameState.totalCustomerCount = Math.ceil(Math.random() * 10) * currentWaveCount;

    for (let i = 0; i < gameState.totalCustomerCount; i++) {

      // Create your container below and add your customers to it below:

      const customerContainer = this.add.container( + (200 * i), - 140);


      // Customer sprite randomizer

      let customerImageKey = Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5);

      // Draw customers here!

      const customer = this.add.sprite(0, 0, `Customer-${customerImageKey}`).setScale(0.5);


I have no idea what the problem is, I’ve tried using different expressions when defining my variables, I’ve restarted the entire project and it’s all leaving me pretty flustered, and now I have to wait and see if anyone can help me when what I really want to be doing is continuing to work on what I was doing…

Also, the hint says to check the console for errors. How? If it’s with Ctrl + Shift + J, I have no idea how that is supposed to be of any use.

Try right clicking with your mouse, and select Inspect Element. Click on the Console tab, and you’ll see the errors when you try to play the game. When I run your code (using Firefox) I see the following:

This is what I see using Edge.

It seems there are some browser compatibility issues as I see the same as you when I switch to Chrome.

So by switching to Chrome I solved the issue and now the customers are lining up!

Codecademy now have some work to do to make this challenge work with Edge, the Prinny Squad are happy to accept all rewards for discovering this issue and helping to improve Codecademey! :slight_smile:

You haven’t discovered anything that wasn’t known. Codecademy suggests learner’s use Chrome or Firefox. See this Troubleshooting Guide.