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So I was doing fine but I hit a bump, my code works but when I add in question number 40 in the screen goes blank and I cant find an error( it was working fine before, customer came up and next one stood in line). WHats the error, did I miss comething becuase it wont let me go foward its bugged
plz help

this is the github to the bugged version,

whats wrong? this version is working fine, I cant find the mistake in the bugged version.

Im really really stuck, worked fine with

gameState.starGroup =;,




//Method To Draw Stars



for (let star = 0; star < gameState.starRating; star++){

  let spacer = star*50

      gameState.starGroup.create( 20 + spacer, 20, 'Star-full').setScale(0.5).setOrigin(0)



bugged out, but if you put in just this


it bug only the guy from coming in to get served

heres the glitch from


The error says there is a

Uncaught SyntaxError: unexpected token: ‘{’


Uncaught ReferenceError: GameScene is not defined

You have placed drawStars(){ ... outside and below the closing brace of the GameScene class.

works now thanks, needed that

weird now my stars wont appear

Thanks but I found the error