Fashion Blog Project

Greetings All!
I seem to be having a problem with the Fashion Blog Project at the close of the Elements and Structure Unit.

So I got to task number 9 and I entered the source required for the image tag.
But the image won’t load.
I tried changing the extension from jpg to jpeg, but the image still won’t load.

Can someone please help me?

The extension is .jpg for the profile picture. Does your markup look like this?

    <a href="#contact"><img src=""></a>

The picture should be,


And thanks so much for responding.

No my markup does not look like yours.
I hadn’t yet gotten to wrapping the image in an <a> tag.
I used the .jpg file extension and then tried .jpeg. Neither worked…
It just won’t load.

…image in an anchor tag…

Please show us your markup, thanks.

Here’s what my markup looks like

< img src=“” / >

(Minus the spaces after and before the first and second angle brackets, respectively.)

Check your spelling. For the file to be found, the path/name has to match exactly.

I misspelled structure!
Thanks so much!

When I wrote the code for the first 3 images I spelt element and not elements! :woman_facepalming:

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