Fashion blog project problem question 16

My problem is with the Fashion blog project, question number 16: Let’s make the profile picture a link to the contact section of the webpage. Find the profile <img> tag, and surround it by opening and closing <a> tags. In the <a> tag, set href="#contact" .

How do I do that? how do I link the contact section to the profile picture? I know I have had it before, but I can’t remember and I can not find it back in any of the previous lessons.

My code:

<img src=""/><a href="#contact"></a>

The project is:

<a href="#contact">
<img src=""/>

That’s it!

The < img > tag has to be placed within the < a > < /a > tag pair that contains the attribute href="#contact" to link to id=“contact” within the same webpage.