FAQ: Your First Sass Stylesheet - Nesting Properties

This community-built FAQ covers the “Nesting Properties” exercise from the lesson “Your First Sass Stylesheet”.

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does anyone else have problems with the parser to not read your answer properly even though you type it seemingly right word for word?


I type the exact same code and it gives me this error:

Am having the same issue, did you resolve the issue. This is the second question doing this.

It’s obviously bugged. Garbage exercise that did not have any form of a testing process. I’m just gonna find another sass tutorial, like https://marksheet.io/sass-scss-less.html.


i also have similar problem…but i copy the exact solution then it show correct…

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same here!
SERIOUSLY codecademy ??? YOU keep us learning and paying for this course???

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I have recently experienced the same problem with this Sass nesting properties exercise: my scss code compiles correctly in css but I get an error message. People have been complaining for months about this bug and It is pretty unprofessional that it has not been fixed yet.

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The bug everyone here talks about seems to have been fixed by now. The following code

.banner {
  border: {
    top: 4px solid black; 
    bottom: 4px solid black;
  font-family: 'Pacifico', cursive;

didn’t return any error.

The tutorial’s example includes a CSS property called font-decoration. As far as I understand, there is no such property… It should be text-decoration. But then

.parent {
  font : {
    decoration: none;

shouldn’t be compiled to

.parent {
  text-decoration: none;

or should it?

I don’t really see the merit of nesting properties.

border : {
    top: 4px solid black;
    bottom: 4px solid black;

doesn’t look much simpler than the equivalent CSS code of

border-top: 4px solid black;
border-bottom: 4px solid black;

especially if you write CSS properties in the alphabet order as Google recommends.

Do I miss something?

The exercise is still messy.

Still producing the same error. I can’t proceed with this exercise.

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This course is completely broken. What a joke.

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Yes also getting the same issue, I even copied and pasted the solution over to double check I was not being stupid. Recent months Codecademy has been producing a lot of these little bugs. Looks like I will be going back to YouTube!

3 years later and the issues still persists… And we are paying for this course, can you fix this please?