FAQ: Your First Sass Stylesheet - Compiling Sass

This community-built FAQ covers the “Compiling Sass” exercise from the lesson “Your First Sass Stylesheet”.

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How can we install SASS compiler in our computer? A quick google search reveals that there are several ways: using Ruby, Node.js, Homebrew (for Mac OS)… What are the advantages/disadvantages for each option?

You can go here:

You can go here for the official site:

I have encountered a problem setting up with SASS in my project that doesn’t really cover in the course.

FYI, if you want to set up SASS in your project →

Compare the output in main.css to the input in main.scss .

I use Firefox on Ubuntu. Running the sass command in the terminal doesn’t generate an output in main.css.

Hii ,
I was using npm in my project but while installing sass I was getting error and now I tried using yarn but iam getting error saying ’ incompatible with the node module required version “…” Got “…” ’ . I tried installing different versions but it didn’t work . Please do suggest something…