FAQ: Working with Text - String Interpolation

ye thats what it is as i tried it in vs and worked fine,just think its wrong to make it look like what i dfid is wrong when the all point of the course is to teach us c#, when it is perfectly valid code.
They said it was wrong as id put text infront of the beginning variable if i hadent of thought it was odd and not tried it id of gone on thinking this you probubly no this when it comes to interpolating a string.
cheers for reply anyways

I agree with others that this one needs more clarification, teling me to ‘interpolate’ doesn’t make sense. I imagine this wouldnt make sense to a lot of beginners, and this is SO close to being articulated well. All you need to add is- “Using Interpolate, ADD to the story(or add sentences to connect beginning, middle, end) using the story variable”.

The example may not click with some as it’s not the same as what’s being given/asked. The example uses words- then uses interpolate to stitch them together to create a sentence. Where the exercise gives you sentences, and expects you to add more,something that doesn’t come across clearly with the instructions. I had to look at the solution to understand this, because to me- the story was already complete, i didn’t understand that I was expected to add more.

So i imagine you could also change the exercise variables to use single words/nouns, like beginning “the quick” - middle “jump” - end “dog”. Make the solution being to complete the sentance “the quick brown fox, jumped over the lazy dog”.I dunno, just spit balling ideas.

Example for this one wasnt amazing. Not to mention if you don’t go back and edit the story it ends up with weird spacing and joined words.

End result for anyone stuck should look like this.