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This community-built FAQ covers the “Operator Shortcuts” exercise from the lesson “Working with Numbers”.

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Why is it that the example code in the text shows “Console.Write(apple); // prints 1” in both example areas, but that particular line used for the practice gives an error in the console? Should it say "Console.WriteLine(apple); " in the examples?

If you typed Console.Write(steps) for step 4 of the instructions, the error you get is not a compile error. It’s simply a SCT (Submitted Code Tester) error. Whoever wrote the lesson, is expecting you to use Console.WriteLine(steps). Either way, the value of steps is printed to the console, but the SCT for this lesson only accepts the latter. Hope this helps!


Thanks! It did help.

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Why am I getting the following, despite typing in the correct things, and getting ticks alongside the steps to say I have done the steps correctly?

Program.cs(14,17): error CS1002: ; expected [/home/ccuser/workspace/csharp-working-with-numbers-operator-shortcuts-csharp/e4-workspace.csproj]
Program.cs(14,17): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘+=’ [/home/ccuser/workspace/csharp-working-with-numbers-operator-shortcuts-csharp/e4-workspace.csproj]
Program.cs(18,17): error CS1002: ; expected [/home/ccuser/workspace/csharp-working-with-numbers-operator-shortcuts-csharp/e4-workspace.csproj]
Program.cs(18,17): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘-=’ [/home/ccuser/workspace/csharp-working-with-numbers-operator-shortcuts-csharp/e4-workspace.csproj]

The build failed. Fix the build errors and run again.

Is there a meaningful reason why Console.Write() and Console.WriteLine() don’t both work as solutions? Or is it an oversight?

So without the code itself I’m guessing, but I think your expression wants a number. Like

int step = 0; //Declare variable
step += 3; //Increase variable by three

Wanted to bring up a flaw in backend coding not allowing steps-- to function properly. WriteLine still shows 2 as the response, even though the task gets set as complete.


This happened to me as well.

you were meant to do Console.WriteLine(steps);
Because thats the variable putting nothing inside is wrong because the variable isn’t nothing.


why do you have to write

and not



Thank you.

Same here. After steps 2 and 3 I’m getting: Program.cs(13,11): error CS0128: A local variable or function named ‘steps’ is already defined in this scope [/home/ccuser/workspace/csharp-working-with-numbers-operator-shortcuts-csharp/e4-workspace.csproj]
But the exercise is still saying it’s correct.

At the bottom of the exercise, there is a “Copy to Clipboard” button.

After copying the code, you can paste your code in the forums using the </> button.
(See this thread for more details: [How to] Format code in posts)

Alternatively, you can upload a screenshot. But make sure the screenshot shows all your code and the error message.