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Why do we use a decimal in the cause for revenue = 390819.28. Shouldn’t we use double for this since its not a financial application ?

this looks alot like python to me :confused: number wise

It is a financial application. Revenue refers to the total amount of money that the company has brought in. It’s actually $390 819.28

Hello ! I have a code:

using System;

namespace Numbers
class Program
static void Main(string args)
int pizzaShops = 4332 ; // Number of pizza shops

int totalEmployees = 86928 ;  // Number of employees

double revenue = 390819.28 ;  // Revenue

Console.WriteLine("pizzaShops  "+ pizzaShops);

Console.WriteLine( "totalEmployees " +totalEmployees) ;
Console.WriteLine("revenue " +revenue ) ;

I have an answer:

pizzaShops 4332
totalEmployees 86928
revenue 390819.28

Why doesn’t the system skip further?
Did you use Console.WriteLine() to print pizzaShops ?

NEXT button is not active.

It turns out that the system needs this:
Console.WriteLine (pizzaShops);
Console.WriteLine (totalEmployees);
Console.WriteLine (revenue);



how to dot it in single line?? i mean code?

I get the point they’re trying to make with datatypes, but in reality financial operations tend to be int since it is a discreet number of cents.

I am stuck at the very first exercise.

The code:

int pizzaShops;
pizzaShops = 4332;

is not accepted, though perfectly legitimate (at least I think).

I’d love to understand what the error is.

Why is the m after the number of a decimal necessary? The intro said it was to make it clear that we’re defining a decimal, but isn’t that why I’m writing decimal in front of the variable name in the first place? Oo