FAQ: Working with Multiple DataFrames - Introduction: Multiple DataFrames


This community-built FAQ covers the “Introduction: Multiple DataFrames” exercise from the lesson “Working with Multiple DataFrames”.

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Data Science

Data Analysis with Pandas

FAQs on the exercise Introduction: Multiple DataFrames

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At what point did you go over the pandas tool, I believe I missed that point. The SQL stuff I have learned up to this point follows the same logic, but i did not know AND = & in pandas. Nor did you go over the change in syntax. It is not hard to follow when the exercise is over, I just didn’t get why you were asking me to write code that you haven’t gone over.


Agreed. It was a bit confusing as I am not really familiar with the new syntax we are using. I guess its python but to go from calling out commands in SQL in the previous exercise straight to something different is a little confusing. Especially for someone like myself that isn’t too experienced in much at all yet.


I will chime in with my discontent here as well.

I’m Not super impressed that there was no transition from SQL to Pandas. I thought I had clicked on the wrong button!


The flow of the Data Science course breaks at this point. It’s been SQL up until now, and we’re just thrown into Python scripts? This section should be moved to after Python syntax has been introduced, or people will continue to be confused.


This is extremely frustrating for me as well. The course flow is broken, have any of you guys submitted a support request on this?


It’s cool having to bootstrap and all, but maybe a quick commands overview would have been nice!