FAQ: Why Test? - Review

This community-built FAQ covers the “Review” exercise from the lesson “Why Test?”.

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Web Development

Learn JavaScript Unit Testing

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The ‘why test’ lesson gives a quick summary of running tests, but seems a little light on explanations as to how you actually set up and install such tests on your own projects.

It seems like this lesson uses something called ‘Chai’ which is related to something called ‘Mocha’, both of which are used for testing.

What do they both do?
How do you set them up to use them in a new project of your own?
How do you write tests when you’re starting from blank project pages?

It seems like only parts 4, 5, and 6 of the lesson have you interact with the tests temselves, and don’t take you through writing tests from first principles. Even those sections only have you cut and paste modifications, and not explain how to write a test.

These lessons really need to be packaged up for download so they can be done locally. You wouldn’t do this stuff the way its setup now, so why practice in a way that is not realistic? If the files were made to be downloaded so we can do this in an IDE then we can then learn how to do this in a real world scenario.

Exactly, This is the worst lesson i have learnt since starting the full stack development program

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Thanks for this suggestion.

They sure put a lot of work into building a site/test code to teach almost nothing!