FAQ: Why Test? - Regression

This community-built FAQ covers the “Regression” exercise from the lesson “Why Test?”.

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Learn JavaScript Unit Testing

FAQs on the exercise Regression

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why do we need to stop the app before to enter the command “npm test”

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Did you try it to see what would happen?
JS Node won’t allow you to run the test function while it’s ‘Listening on port 4001’ in start mode.
Therefore, we need to stop it and then it will allow us to run ‘npm test’.

I don’t have a very scientific explanation for this, but computers are dumb: they can’t always multi-task and they need to be told to stop a task to begin another task on some occasions. At least, this seems to be the case with Node.

I cannot get the console to stop running test ( I am stuck at point number 2). I am on a mac so ctrl + C is not working. I’ve read this can be replaced by command + . (dot), but this i not working either. How do you stop the terminal from running tests on mac?