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This community-built FAQ covers the “Manual Testing” exercise from the lesson “Why Test?”.

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Hi there,
I have a question.
Can test automation replace manual testing? Is manual testing dying?

Thank you.

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an application can never be 100% automated. A team should always manually test their codes even before they start automating a feature to make sure the code & the environment is stable. So no automation can’t replace manual testing completely, however the need of manual testing is decreasing because of automation.

Ok thank you for answer.

Hi smita,

I would Like say a Big No to this,
Manual testing will never get replace by test automation. we all know that man never believes in anything completely even when it comes to his own work … likewise automation is also one such. There are still some functionalities in each project where manual testing is needed which cannot be tested through automation. Automation can cover maximum of 50-60 % Only while the rest needs to be manually tested.

Manual testing is the heart of Testing whereas Automation is the process wherein you will convert test cases into test scripts and moreover Automation tools cannot creatively like Manual testers. So Automation always depends Manual testing.

The application will not load for me in this exercise. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and IE. It just displays a blank page with: “Not Found”

Any ideas?


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npm start
and click that refresh button

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Nobody can reject that there are advantages of automation testing over manual testing, specifically when it comes to saving time and enhance test accuracy. However it is not just possible to have a robust QA process by relying entirely on automation. There are aspects of your QA that remain to be best managed by human engineers and manual testing.

Fun random fact I didn’t see mentioned in the course here - the term “bug” comes from actual bugs. A moth to be exact: The Origin of the Term 'Computer Bug'.

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This was also the case for me now… I keep on refreshing but everytime I place an order, it just goes to a 404 page… Did yours work?

if your browser isn’t loading it’s because when you run npm start the node.js code builds and listens to the webpage at localhost:4001 However, Codecademy autoloads a browser at localhost:8000/ You need to change the port number. Switch the last four numbers of the codecademy browser from 8000 to 4001 and the lovely ‘Cake Bar’ webpage will pop up, bugs and all!

localhost:8000/ → localhost:4001

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