FAQ: Why Data Science? - Exploring Data with SQL


This community-built FAQ covers the “Exploring Data with SQL” exercise from the lesson “Why Data Science?”.

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Data Science

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In the very first lesson:
When I copy/paste the code and run the code I get :

     ### Database Schema

                page_visits                                     600 rows

first_name TEXT
last_name TEXT
gender TEXT
age REAL
visit_date TEXT
website_goal TEXT

Error: near line 1: no such table: browse

Ive sent a bug report and I am not getting any responses


Hi whimjim,

I’m facing the same problem. Hopefully something will be done about it, soon!


l am facing the same problem,it said that ther is no table named browse


I’m having the same problem… how can this still be an issue at the beginning of a topic???


I take it back… it doesn’t like IE browser, works fine in Chrome.


Doesn’t work on Chrome or IE for me.


To all people trying the first exercise, the table has been renamed to ‘page_visits’ so the code you paste should actually be:

SELECT * FROM page_visits LIMIT 10;


the problem I have is I cannot even paste in the column. Is not an active field and I can’t move pass that screen.