FAQ: Why Data Science? - Exploring Data with SQL


This community-built FAQ covers the “Exploring Data with SQL” exercise from the lesson “Why Data Science?”.

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Data Science

FAQs on the exercise Exploring Data with SQL

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In the very first lesson:
When I copy/paste the code and run the code I get :

     ### Database Schema

                page_visits                                     600 rows

first_name TEXT
last_name TEXT
gender TEXT
age REAL
visit_date TEXT
website_goal TEXT

Error: near line 1: no such table: browse

Ive sent a bug report and I am not getting any responses


Hi whimjim,

I’m facing the same problem. Hopefully something will be done about it, soon!


l am facing the same problem,it said that ther is no table named browse


I’m having the same problem… how can this still be an issue at the beginning of a topic???


I take it back… it doesn’t like IE browser, works fine in Chrome.


Doesn’t work on Chrome or IE for me.