FAQ: Why Data Science? - Exploring Data with SQL - Continued

Why does this return the churn rate to 100% instead of 25% as the original code? I replaced the second COUNT loop with COUNT(“march_cancellations”).

I can’t see the result after I run it took more than an hour what shall I do?

This may be a silly comment, but I don’t quite get the learning element here. I’m reading through the exercises and hitting run only to be shown code… Sounds silly but this is the second exercise in and I’ve learnt nothing apart from a few technical terms. Also, the concept reviews don’t exist. Am I missing something here?!

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This course does not teaching me SQL from the beginning do, i have to take another course to learn SQL from begining.

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In the context of calculating churn rate, what is the difference between voluntary and involuntary churn, and how can they be distinguished in a data analysis? Can you provide an example of a company and a scenario where this distinction could be important in understanding customer behavior?

Soooo am I supposed to understand any of that?
Or is it just so we can see an example of what a query looks like?

I ask because I thought this Foundation Path was for complete newbs with no experience (ie. me) , and now I’m wondering if I’m supposed to have done some pre-foundation course first?

…Or a pre-pre-foundation course :laughing: