FAQ: Why Data Science? - Exploring Data with SQL - Continued

This community-built FAQ covers the “Exploring Data with SQL - Continued” exercise from the lesson “Why Data Science?”.

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FAQs on the exercise Exploring Data with SQL - Continued

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how much time it takes to load “pro users” query in SQL third exercise? It’s taking hours for me and I don’t know if this is normal.

Is there something I have to do to keep the lesson? It only says I have to click “run” buttom.

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Why not use the variables in the calculations rather than extract the values again?

No, it took me like three seconds to run the data. It must be your internet problem.

There is nothing in the instructions to tell me what to run in the code editor, nor is there anything there. The subsequent exercises aren’t working either. I’ve logged out and back in. I’ve restarted the program, but nothing is working. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I feel like I’m getting nothing out of this, and wasting a ton of time. Please help!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try closing your current browser, and start a new Chrome window to launch Codecademy for your lesson. I’ve seen this before, restarting the same lesson in a new Chrome browser fixed it.

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I switched to Chrome, and that solved the error. Thanks!

I was using Chrome, and it was working perfect until now. I cannot see the result from the query :frowning:
I did everything I could, and still can’t see it.

Why are they not explaining what the code does?? :frowning: will they do it later?


This looks wrong. If this wants the churn rate in march I think the end of the query should be

(cancel_date IS NULL) OR
(cancel_date >= '2017-03-01')


NOT cancel_date > ‘2017-03-01’. This would exclude where cancel_date = ‘2017-03-01’ which is valid. Am I right?

what is strftime in this code and what does %m denotes?

Can anyone explain the syntax of this example where Catherine analyzes churn rate for March 2017?

Please can someone explain what the code means?