FAQ: Welcome to Codecademy! - Write some code!

This community-built FAQ covers the “Write some code!” exercise from the lesson “Welcome to Codecademy!”.

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This exercise can be found in the following Codecademy content:

Web Development
Code Foundations

Welcome to Codecademy!

FAQs on the exercise Write some code!

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print ("Hello Codecademy Friend");

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This things that i do in which application i do it!

The second page for the intro does not allow typing of code…???


same here. Cannot type anything


first exercise - the ‘bounce bubbles’ one.
Changed the text in the code in the editor (Centre panel). Clicked ‘Run’ - nothing happens - no change to the third(right-hand) display panel… What am I doing wrong?


What is “http://localhost:8000/”? Is it a website that can be accessed for practicing?
Is bouncingBubbles a method within JavaScript?

No, It is not. Codecademy defined it as a function in another file so that it can be used.

Hello :wave: Community!

Here’s my question (which I accept I might be asking too soon):

In the style.css file, line 6 the font family is mentioned

font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif;

I’ve experimented by replacing it with a few other websafe fonts and had no noticable change.

What gives :question:?

HI I’m looking for Forum where to ask you an advise on how to take notes, in order to not forget things we are studying long the way. What’s the best way for it?

How do the bounceBubbles() work?
Can I use the bounceBubbles() for HTML websites?