FAQ: Welcome to Codecademy! - Write some code!

This community-built FAQ covers the “Write some code!” exercise from the lesson “Welcome to Codecademy!”.

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This exercise can be found in the following Codecademy content:

Web Development
Code Foundations

Welcome to Codecademy!

FAQs on the exercise Write some code!

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print ("Hello Codecademy Friend");

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2 posts were split to a new topic: How do I join Codecademy?

This things that i do in which application i do it!

The second page for the intro does not allow typing of code…???


same here. Cannot type anything

first exercise - the ‘bounce bubbles’ one.
Changed the text in the code in the editor (Centre panel). Clicked ‘Run’ - nothing happens - no change to the third(right-hand) display panel… What am I doing wrong?

What is “http://localhost:8000/”? Is it a website that can be accessed for practicing?
Is bouncingBubbles a method within JavaScript?

No, It is not. Codecademy defined it as a function in another file so that it can be used.