FAQ: Welcome to Codecademy! - Welcome to Codecademy!


This community-built FAQ covers the “Welcome to Codecademy!” exercise from the lesson “Welcome to Codecademy!”.

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Web Development
Code Foundations

Welcome to Codecademy!

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Cannot reset my work-space to the start of exercise. I have tried the reset icon and the button on Get Help!

When I try to continue, it doesn’t advance to next lesson.



When I advance using NEXT to “Changing Variables”, the code in the middle window doesn’t change. I don’t see any line that has “message = …”


agree with above - cannot get further than the first stage


I am having the same issues as the above members. The code editor does not update along with the lesson as you progress in the instructions. I tried to edit the command to get the prompt to follow the instructions when it came to changing color, but I messed it up and couldn’t remember the prompts from the previous instructions so it’s now totally clear and will not reset.

This is our first intro to coding, and specifically, my son wants to learn to code and I would love for him to get this, but hitting this snag already is discouraging. Any advice or help with this would help. Thank you in advance.


Same for me, what should we do to get further?


I’m having issues with this too. I am just starting over from the intro course and when I get into the second page or part it automatically runs the code that’s already there and it says it’s wrong before I’ve typed my name. When I do type my name, it says there was an error and shows the red x in the checklist. Is there a reason for this? Am I missing something? I’d love to know, thanks! I tried the bash course and that’s working properly. So confused.


Hi everyone,

I do not actually know, if this is the right place to ask the following:
I have been practicing on code academy for a while now, and did a few courses available for free. As starter course there was the “Welcome To Codecademy” one. with the exercise to animate a text. As, I am currently working on a website I wanted to use a similar element as the one in this exercise to animate the homepage of my website. The point is though that I do not know how to actually do that. All what I know about coding is bounded to this website. Does anyone know how can I basically put in practice what I am learning in reality?

Thanks in advance for your help.





Refresh the page & strictly follow the instructions given in the left half of the screen. If refreshing doesn’t help, go to the home page & come back to the start coding page. Hope it helps.