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This community-built FAQ covers the “Onward” exercise from the lesson “Welcome to Codecademy!”.

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Welcome to Codecademy!

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So I think the biggest problem I had was the color codes.

It almost seemed like the codes used in the work-space on the particular activity of changing the color codes and observing the result did not follow RGB but maybe GBR or BRG or BGR or maybe it was just a diffrent way of encoding colors.

What ever it was I could not get Yellow and several times letters disappeared as if they were going pure white with different codes on.

Could someone add a instruction to the lesson indicating what scheme the color codes follow.

What I know about computers is mostly self taught and I am recently recovering from a brain injury I think due to epilepsy, but what ever it seems I lost a lot of what I did know about computers so RGB is the Only Color code I know of and I don’t know if the is a limit on any of the numbers.

Thank You all
From Jonny

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So I’ve just started my journey to coding and the biggest issue I face was with mouseResponseThreshold , friction , and rotationForce. I edited the display text to exercise but I think I went a bit too far and the animation got too fast to control. Can someone tell me each of the above variables in a more newbie way. Appreciate your help! Thanks


hey there,
so i just finished the first lesson but something’s bothering me.
what is the difference between variables and functions?
to me it looks exactly the same: it changes the message on the browser…
thank you

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i also started today.
i got ur answer from someone that functions are predefined and we strictly need to use them for programming but variables are just names for any values that we put inside brackets.

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I am a confused regarding what the functions mouseResponseThreshold , friction and rotationForce actually mean and do. Can someone please explain and elaborate on these functions a bit clearly?

This is the sensitivity to the mouse pointer. The more sensitive, the farther out mouse movement will be detected and reacted to. Friction is resistence to change which will limit the reaction time. Rotation force refers to centripetal acceleration and circular motion. The value of the coefficient is very small, else the dots get flung out into space.

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