FAQ: Welcome to Codecademy! - Multiple Colors

This community-built FAQ covers the “Multiple Colors” exercise from the lesson “Welcome to Codecademy!”.

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Welcome to Codecademy!

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so i was doing the code foundations practice and i backspaced all of the coding and retyped it in the exact same format to see if i could run one on my own but when i press ‘run’ nothing happens. but if i paste the original text it works even though what i typed was the EXACT same. someone help me understand this?


do we have to learn or remember colour codes for coding?

We use color codes in CSS, but when we consider that JS is joined at the hip to CSS, we should be able to manipulate the style sheet, and if that means changing colors, then one may conclude we should know how CSS works with colors. As for remembering color codes, that isn’t necessary. There are lots of resources (color wheels, color pickers, theme pickers) online if we need to dial in a particular color.

All we really need to understand is how RGB colors are set which is covered in CSS.


Why in the theory the variable letterColors defined with keyword var and in the editor without ? other variables too.

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I am a little bit confused as in what i need to do ? can someone please help

We’re a little disadvantaged since we do not know what lesson you are on. Please post a link to the exercise in a reply so that we can share in the narrative.

Hello @ajax8271723038 and welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

This exercise asks you to experiment by changing the numbers inside the square brackets on lines 2 to 6.

For example, you could change

red = [0, 100, 63];


red = [20, 167, 98]

The hint provided in this exercise will help as well.

Exercise Link: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/welcome-to-codecademy/lessons/welcome-to-codecademy/exercises/multiple-colors

I’ve had similar things happen where pasting script runs yet manually typing in the right code yields an error message .

Hello! How does the DrawName function know that each letter should be assigned one colour in the list in that order? Is it got to do with the way that DrawName function was programmed? If so, would it be possible to change the way a function is programmed to say make every two letter the same colour? Thanks

Without seeing the actual code, you bring up a list, which order is followed by the program. That would suggest we could adapt the list to contain the colors we choose. Copy and comment the list and paste it in again. Now change the colors to be alternatively the two colors you wish to use. There would be nothing else to change in the code if this is actually the case.

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