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This community-built FAQ covers the “Changing Variables” exercise from the lesson “Welcome to Codecademy!”.

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Welcome to Codecademy!

FAQs on the exercise Changing Variables

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Can I be guided with what can I do with bounceBubbles()?

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Finish the course then come back to this question. Best not to stray from the path until you have some tools in your kit and a better idea of how to plan, start and complete a project.

I’m only on my very 2nd lesson in the very 1st course and I’m getting syntax errors- and there is no syntax error.


Please show us your code and perhaps we might spot some little detail that has been overlooked.

I was having the same problem. I was using the Edge browser and the code was not updating as it was supposed to from one step to the next and this was the root cause. I switched to Chrome and am now able to progress without issues.


Just started here recently. I am not sure how to do lesson 3 of change message.

Yes, Edge was meant to be good, but it is stuffed with errors. What you did, switching to another browser was a good idea. Well done. You might want to feed back that experience to Microsoft so they can improve Edge in the near future, but for the moment, use alternative browsers.

How do you get the program to see the contents of the variable as single entities. I’m wondering how to paint each letter of the data stored in the variable with a different color.

That will come up in a later lesson, perhaps, assuming there is enough information already given. Because this is likely a very early lesson in the track, one might assume this won’t be the case and answering your question will only be jumping the queue. You will need to learn about data types and their associated methods first.

in 1st lesson i have coloured letters instead in 2nd lesson i have black letters.
the code is same
1st lesson

2nd lesson

Why is line 3 empty in these string of instructions, does it not matter? plus i tried to populate it, but the run-screen went totally blank without telling me what I did wrong

Empty lines have no meaning. They let us separate segments of code for easier reading.

Thanks, note taken.

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