FAQ: Welcome to Codecademy! - Change Physics!

This community-built FAQ covers the “Change Physics!” exercise from the lesson “Welcome to Codecademy!”.

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Welcome to Codecademy!

FAQs on the exercise Change Physics!

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Though this code is working perfectly on codecademy.
Im trying to use DrawName,mouseResponseThreshold outside this plaform**
Its not working.Can anyone help me to get to know the concept associated with these.
Also how to use them outside this platform.


These are programs specially built for this exercise. As you’ll start to work your way through the JavaScript course you’ll learn fundamental instructions and code which you can use outside of codeacademy’s course engine.

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What is mouse interaction? I don’t know about it’s meaning

The OS is constantly tracking the mouse pointer so it always knows where on the coordinate plane it is situated using offsets from the left side for horizontal position, and from the top for vertical position. Just moving the mouse pointer is an event. We can listen for events such as mouse movement, button clicks, scrollwheel movement, etc. and react to those movements with event handlers. This is mouse interaction.

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The variable bounceBubbles is defined in an earlier stage, and so is mouseResponseThreshold, friction and rotationForce right??
or are they fixed commands in the syntax of this programming language(have fixed values)?

They are programmer defined variables that do not exist in the language, proper. If you examine the bubbles.js file (do not change anything) you will find the bounceBubbles function. We set the values on the three variables in the index.js file.

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I like this exercise! But could anyone explain why the animated dots will never rotate back when the rotation value is larger than 0.01?

Quite possibly due to infinite space. Think of the New Horizons spacecraft that just recently sent us a crisp photo of an object way out in the Keiper Belt.

The lesson fails to advance to the next task when I click on the NEXT button… Also the Code editor fails to display the actual code discussed in the lesson comments in the instruction panel